Article: Awareness

Article: Awareness

Who I Really Am
No beginning, only Process.
The Spirit reincarnates.
Birth and Life
The meeting of the unfolding and the experience.
Layer upon layer of delusion.
I have become I and forgotten.
Yesterday was and tomorrow will be-or so it seems.
No now.
A tide there is,
An ocean then.
Beneath the waves,
There is only still.
The Mother.
Pure awareness,
And I remember who I am.
The Ocean stirs,
There is only process.

The essence of what I am trying to say here is that work at a deep level, the level which we are calling the level of the Spirit is an exercise in coming from a very deep place in our Being not an exercise in refining what we do with greater and greater anatomical precision.

Many of the statements below would warrant articles to themselves, as we go along but this is where I begin to lay out my stall and invite collaboration.

We do not do this level of work with the other – let us call him or her, the client, friend or colleague – it is quite simply the revealed outcome of the synergy created in the relationship that does the work.

Let me break this sentence down and explain what I mean.
Relationship, at this level, is what is there when that which keeps us separate, the personal intellect, the personal ego, and perhaps, the individual and personal soul, are surrendered. What is left is the communality of Being, that is Spirit.
Revelation is the arising (and falling ) of forms, phenomena of whatever sort, out of the emptiness of presence, the eternal present, of the now.

To let go of that which keeps us separate and approach the client from that place means that we touch the client at that level in her, whether or not that is held in her, or our, consciousness. A synergy arises.
Synergy:- when two elements approach each other in such a way that the scope of what they can achieve together far surpasses what they could achieve separately, they are acting with SYNERGY. Synergy in this case takes the effectiveness of cooperation beyond normal expectations. Chambers Dictionary.

The barrier to this level of work is that which I have described in the explanation of relationship, above. It is very scary to surrender our sense of separateness; it is so well entrenched that we have come to believe that our life experience is who we actually are. In reality, that person, that image, that I have come to think of as me, is nothing but a limited contraction of the arising and falling of essence into form.

This chapter is called Awareness and the poem which heads it tries to address that subject:-
To be aware of who I really am, involves me in an examination of the assumptions that are laid out in the first stanza.
The second stanza talks of the descent into the unknown, the hidden depths of the unconscious, layer by layer.
The final two lines treat of the revelation that the first arising from the Stillness at the utmost depth is awareness. Just awareness itself with no form yet; no separation between form and formless, Process itself, without a form being processed.

The greatest awareness for me, teaching/facilitating this kind of work is that, in reality, there is nothing to teach! All that has to be done is to create the safe space in which what is already there, can be revealed. I have come to totally believe (and experience) that reality is what is there, when we can abide in Stillness, in the present, without judgement. By judgement, in this case, I mean intellectualisation, examination, limitation and memory of the kind that depends on undigested experience.

If there is nothing to teach, then there can be nothing to learn; only become aware!

What is aware?
What is aware?

The following is (an extract from) an excellent contribution from Gary Lee Roba, in response to the above.. This shows an excellent understanding, beautifully put, of the fact that DOING awareness is not Stillness!

Gary Reading through Mike’s writing this month, what struck me was the three words beneath the picture of the sun and moon at the north pole: ‘What is Aware?’. This question is right at the heart of the matter.
I used to believe that awareness is a state of mind that I had to do to make happen. This translated into me having to hold/fix myself into a specific mental position [which also meant a subtle tensing of my musculature] in order to produce and sustain a personal way of being which I thought of as ‘awareness’. In a craniosacral session, it meant doing all of that, while my hands were feeling into another person’s body in such a way as to be able to focus the direction of my cultivated state [’awareness’] onto specific aspects of their internal anatomy, so that I’d be ‘aware’ of what was happening or not happening inside of them. I thought of my developing capacity to do this as my “perceptual skills,” and enjoyed a lot of praise from my teachers as I got better at it.

Of course, Source threw a wrench in the machinery when I repeatedly noticed during session work how the most profound shifts tended to happen in the moments when I was failing to fully ‘do’ awareness. Although I’d become reasonably good at sustaining a state of extroverted presence that was focused onto another person’s system, there would invariably be moments when ‘my awareness’ would slip underneath into a blackness or nothingness; time
after time it would be during those moments when the client’s system would do its big shifts or releases, which I’d become aware of when ‘my awareness’ returned. Even more perplexing was the occasional observation of how this would happen when I was spacing out momentarily, or glancing out the window!

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  1. It is both awesome and humbling, frightening and reassuring, disconcerting and orienting to be aware that our best shows up when we get out of our own way. All that we’ve been “trying to do and do better” takes up so much space that it actually gets in the way of “the work doing the work.” Humbling and awesome.
    Peg Long
    Master Certified Coach
    Oxford. MD 21654


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