Mike Boxhall – The Work

Mike Boxhall – The Work

My engagement with the work is constantly evolving. This makes it difficult to create bullet points of description that attempt to nail it down.

We can, however, roam around a little looking for a taste and see if something takes shape. The useful thing with the analogy of taste is that the experience is different for everybody as, indeed, it is with the experience of the work once it goes past a didactic level.

I started this work with a good grounding in the theory and practice of Craniosacral Therapy (from Karuna) this, itself, was preceded by a good foundation in Counselling/Psychotherapy and eastern medicine. Relevantly and for the moment ongoing, there are 82 years of composting life experience.

When I first started teaching I was attracted by the word stillness and decided that was what I was going to teach:- Craniosacral Therapy from the standpoint of stillness. The problem was where was the stillness? I couldn’t find it and the harder I tried the less I could find it. Finally there came a point where I realised that it wasn’t out there at all to be found, it was right here all the time. I decided to teach that. Very simply by sharing my experience with anyone else who was interested and using the conventions of Craniosacral Therapy to access the body where all sensory perceptions, including stillness, must lie.

I started on a journey of discovery and invited others to share the journey not by walking my path but by walking their own in similar manner. This is what I still do. I haven’t got anywhere yet – I don’t expect to – but I may get occasional glimpses of the inter-relationship of all of us as I gradually abandon the suit of armour that I have identified with.

The realisation of relationship is much facilitated by working with a group and less vulnerable to hubris than working on one’s own.

To try to put this thing into a nutshell, I think and experience that Craniosacral Therapy is a perfect vehicle for an entering into embodied spirituality. Do I teach Craniosacral Therapy? Possibly not, in most people’s understanding but I do explore, in company, spirituality from a Craniosacral perspective. I don’t know how anyone else should be so I don’t teach that. I know, or get glimpses of, how I am so I share that.

My main objective is to work with, to explore, to expand where people come from in themselves rather than suggest how they should do whatever it is they may do. I find this exciting as there is continuing revelation. The only prerequisite is that people should be open to explore. There is no room for learning in a vessel that is already full of opinion.

Mike Boxhall. 2012.

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One thought on “Mike Boxhall – The Work

  1. Submitted by Coease Scott, a teacher, student and friend in the United States, as an appreciation of treatment from an anonymous client.

    as a teacher of mine,

    i wanted to pass this piece on to you.

    it was offered to me this morning

    from a client as a reflection of our work together . . .

    This felt sense of “possible,”
    held in the space between,
    may loosen the chest’s tight place,
    may open a quantum space,
    support collapse of a blessed kind,
    co-incarnate a fluid home
    for the beloved ocean in embodied form.

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