Teaching June 2009: More About the Tide

Teaching June 2009: More About the Tide

More about the Tide (and Craniosacral therapy.). I want to explore the limits of the extent to which the model of Craniosacral therapy can lead, not only to healing of a symptom but and much deeper, to a fullness of life which transcends medicine as we popularly understand that word. To a state of human ordinariness, that is who we really are, so much more profound than the pathologised condition that we live in and have accepted as being our nature.

It is not our nature but is rather, an accumulation of undigested life experiences.

First a word about models: Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Philosophy, Psychology and indeed Craniosacral therapy, are all models. They are not it. Any of them is only it, when it becomes an experience at a deep level. In the meantime we are talking about theories, models, thoughts, opinions, dreams, hopes and prayers about the experience. This is a pretty dogmatic statement and I hate dogma, so I will modify by adding, in the opinion of many people who’s judgement I respect.

The next piece of dogma, that I hate, so it carries the same modification, is that the deepest levels (I shall expand on this elsewhere) are formless and are not subject to the intellect, which like thoughts and emotions, never mind the body itself, are already form. We could call these levels, the Spirit, the universal that comes into individual and infinite variety of form. I often refer to this as Intelligence, the Intelligence as differentiated from one of its products, which is the personal Intellect.

Let us not confuse the Spirit, which I see as being absolute, whether expressed or imminent, with the Soul; which I see as being personal and another product of the infinite Spirit.

To touch, to become, the Intelligence itself, even for a moment, is to touch that which causes formation and can lead to rebirth, in the present, right now, back into form that may no longer carry the accumulations of disempowering life experience, referred to above.

Medicine, in general, may be said to be linear and Newtonian, all that happened had a definite cause and gave rise to a definite effect (Capra).That is to say, the world was a clockwork. Tic leads inexorably to tock.

In the last thirty years, or so, the decisive change, in the West, has been to recognise that nature is relentlessly nonlinear (Stewart). What does that mean? It means in my interpretation, that we cannot just use our intellects to rationalise sequences of cause and effect, or diagnosis and prognosis and remedy, if we are to reach levels of being other than those subject to the laws governing small bodies, i.e., relatively uncomplicated bodies. That in turn means that the structure, the form of the human being, is subject perhaps, to linear interpretation, but that the Infinite aspects are not.

Ants and bees have individual intelligence –not very big – the same creatures have a large group intelligence which allows them to do extraordinary things.

There are laws governing small things and there are laws governing big things. When we have finished dissecting small things and irreducibly arrive at the no thing, we have arrived at the biggest thing of all, The Intelligence. The Infinite.

When the human intellect, which is a small thing, wrestles with the meaning of the Big Thing, it arrives at a point where it is trying to be separate from Infinity. This is an impossibility.

The intellect whilst it is separate from Intelligence itself, has reached its limit. To go further, it must give up its separateness; let go and become its own cause. There is no extrapolation from the infinite.

I am the Tide.

The story of Adam and Eve, is the story of gaining individuality and losing unity. Unity with the Infinite.

It is the experience of some of us that if we are prepared to accept the ultimate and terrifying loss of individual self awareness, it becomes possible to become the Spirit, Intelligence, The Tide itself. Terrifying because, again by definition, we cannot know that. There is only the void, which is not an object, just an experience of no thing, with no form until we return to relative awareness. There is of course, no terror in the void, that is in the letting go, the falling off the cliff. There is no pain, or pleasure or sickness either; there is no life experience, which causes all these phenomena.

There are, shock/horror, no boundaries. They have not come into existence yet. There is just, void.

If we forget about this journey being linear, but rather a journey into the very heart of who we are, then it may be seen that the possibility of emergence into the relative, carries with it the possibility of not carrying with us the pathology which is from a linear projection, whether from the past or to the future.

I do not believe in miracles. I do believe that trauma, of whatever nature, is an accumulation of past or future events. Under every pathology, and all the events that led to that pathology, is a present health.

Let us work with the health, which is the core, rather that the pathology, which is in a sense peripheral.

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