Intermezzo 2: Potatoes

Intermezzo 2: Potatoes

An offering to all therapists.

Spring is coming, believe me, it always does, in whatever form it chooses to take and I look forward to a period of enormous activity in my vegetable plot.

Traditionally early potatoes go in on Easter Monday. That is of course, if it is not raining or snowing or if the ground is not too hard or too soft or indeed, if I am not in bed with some sort of flu!

It seemed like a good time to think about habit and consider just how much of our lives are driven by it.

By and large potatoes know when to grow and how to grow. They have potato intelligence. All we need to do is provide them with the space and conditions in which to grow. We do not know how to grow a potato; we only know how to facilitate its being a potato.

I wonder how many of our difficulties in the work come from our thinking that we do have to know?

Somehow a cure, a state of balanced being can only happen if I have enough knowledge? This would only be true and possible if I had all knowledge.

The other way perhaps, is to rely on the potato’s intelligence. It knows!

I think that we sometimes get too involved with the method to the detriment of being in touch with the essence, which is not method or even any of the tides but the intelligence that they carry, as a temple contains the Spirit. The tides are not IT, the essence is IT.

How scary it is to give up the security of knowing but only by giving up the Personal, which is knowing can we reach the Transpersonal, which is Essence.

I should be happy to work with anyone who wants this insecurity. I have plenty to offer to the debate!
In the meantime my potatoes are in the dark, beginning to push out their first blind but intelligent shoots.


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3 thoughts on “Intermezzo 2: Potatoes

  1. The need to know so permeates my way of being in the world, that I don’t know what I don’t know. The times that I can give up the security of knowing are few and far between. And so I continue on with the exhausting work of carrying this “need to know” around with me all the time. I find myself in a spin of “doing” whatever it takes to figure it out, be in the know, to know. It gets in the way of enjoying what “is” right now.

    Life is what happens when you’re busy trying to figure it out. A variation of something the great philosopher John Lennon said, but it’s still a good reminder for me.

  2. I realize that the need to know comes from the need to control, which is rooted in my fears. If I can recognize my fears, love them and release them gently, perhaps I won’t need to control or need to know anymore. Insecurity is indeed liberating. And it’s full of possibilities!

  3. If only we could be as certain of the continuity of life as the potatoes.
    We could give up the worry and fear, and thrive.
    Perhaps I’ll taste some of that freedom.

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