A Happy New Year

A Happy New Year

To all members.


In the next few days and before January is over, I am hoping to get out a little piece to start the New Year going. Perhaps it will be the beginning of a new book of some kind. Just to get things going and to encourage people to “talk”, I am posting two pictures of the empty chair (click to enlarge). One is an image with which you will be fairly familiar, it was taken at Duncton Mill (remember that?) and features on the cover of the eponymous book. The other was sent to me just recently by Dana Muscado, who is from Spain, and it was taken whilst she was on retreat/holiday in Thailand.

If people would care to send in other examples we might end up with rather a nice montage that I could put together.



One thought on “A Happy New Year

  1. No pictures – but this is a comment which came unbidden out of a very deep treatment a couple of days ago. “The work I do works best when the chair I sit in is empty.”

    A new book – what a nice thought.

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