4 thoughts on “Teaching June 2011: Interview with Mike Boxhall-Italy

  1. I sense the difficulty of going the next step of fixing experience in time by writing ” a knowing” down much less just speaking it, which also starts to fix “a knowing” / Experience in time when we are truely more timeless than timey. ( Timely didn’t quite work)
    Thank you for the efforts, Mike! Timeful reminders of the Timeless?

  2. Hi Mike,
    Did I get that right? You are actually going to do it–publish a book? I still do believe it will not get fixed into a time or space–just resonate with wherever the reader as while reading it! Soooo glad to hear you are finally doing. Glad I was not the only one bugging you to do so!
    Loved the interview! Miss seeing and hearing you talk. So this was good.
    Much Love, Wendy

  3. Dear Wendy,

    The title, which the publishers love, will be “The Empty Chair-The Teaching not the Teeshirt!” It should be out in Feb 2012.



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