Science and Mysticism

Science and Mysticism

1.We can only know what is happening if we limit what is happening to what we know.

Can we just be what is happening and not have to know? That would eliminate the limitations and the implications are infinite.

What could be the practice that would lead to this state of being.

2. Patently it cannot lie in the intellect as the function of the intellect is to know, analyse, judge, describe, quantify and qualify, describe and conceptualise. All these words imply a limitation.

Sensation is the first awakening of awareness, so perhaps we could start by asking, “what is the sensation of what is going on right now. What feeling (the second awakening of awareness, in human consciousness) is attached to that sensation?

Here we have the question and a possible ground for the answer.

As a non-intellectual, non-academic, non-scientific and virtually non-educated, practitioner of forty five years hands-on experience, now eighty-five, I spend six months of the year travelling and teaching in greater Europe, and North and South America and would like to find a bridge between the Science, as I am able to understand it and experience as I embody it.

At the level of the separated egoic self, the personal ego, there is a conceptual answer. At the fully embodied level, there is no question, only the experience.

And yet, clearly, we are all ego-bound, and all experience life dualistically, most of the time. At that essential level we need answers.

If you ask the Buddha, he holds up a flower; Kāśyapa smiles and is enlightened in that moment. The rest probably thought, “what a nice flower.”

If you ask a Daoist monk ( Lao Tzu), you get “The Dao that can be expressed is not the eternal Dao”. Translated by Richard Wilhelm.)

If you ask a geneticist ( Bruce Lipton), he says “epigenetic science offers insight to mastery over life, since we ultimately control our gene-regulating environment and perceptions.”

If you ask a Mindfulness teacher (Jon Kabat-Zinn), he says “As we have seen, the challenge is twofold: first to bring awareness to our moments as best we can, in even little and fleeting ways. Second, to sustain our awareness and come to know it better and live inside its larger, never-diminished wholeness. When we do, we see thoughts liberate themselves, even in the midst of sorrow, as when we reach out and touch a soap bubble. Puff. It is gone. We see sorrow liberate itself, even as we act to soothe it in others and rest in the poignancy of what is,” and this is also my experience, and it is at the egoic level. It is, in my experience, true, from my point of view. This is ,without doubt,” the middle way. But what about the mystical or non-scientific view/level where there is no permanent structure called ” I” anyway ?

Which leads me to ask a biocentric scientist (Robert Lanza). He would say, “life creates the universe.”

If you ask a writer (Michael Talbot), quoting David Bohm and Karl Pribram, he says “the Universe is a hologram.”

If you ask Bob Dylan he says “The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

If you ask me, I tentatively suggest that the answer, the bridge, could lie in the Feminine principle: the Intellect being, in the Jungian model, Masculine: in just listening without knowing, from the heart. Perhaps the heart, is after all the prime-mover, not the brain? Perhaps Nous is subject to Sophia? Perhaps at least, they are both equally required to be in balance, as the primary forms of the Intelligence? Perhaps, just to be heard is to be healed?

Mike Boxhall. Oving 2015

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