Teaching May 2010: Synergy, or let the work do the work

Teaching May 2010: Synergy, or let the work do the work

From time to time, I offer a session where the whole group just receives, in silence, whatever feeling, thought or sensation reveals itself as they sit or lie in a receptive mode.  My task is to approach the group, energetically from as deep and still a place in myself as i can muster.  There is no doing only trust that the synergy, or the work, will do the work.

After the session, usually about 20-30 minutes, we all share any observations that may have come up.

The exercise, as with meditation, is very much to just see what is, what is arising in the mind, rather than what we wish were arising in the mind.

Stefano: I could say a thousand things and I could say nothing. As I listen to other people talk I feel I am seeing them in a different way; that I am a part of everyone; and everything they said went through me whether I was aware or not, without attachment or anything like that.

I feel very different. The session for me was like a bit of everything. One of the words that came very clearly to me was the word connection―feeling connected. When the session finished the word that came was order. I felt tenderness and respect for Mike. I felt his hands in certain places but especially at the heart which was very important. There he has unveiled something very clearly. I could see something big that was inside of me and I could feel a heart which was not my physical heart. I was relaxing―coming and going―very softly, and in my stomach there was a sensation which was more than its physical components: here I could feel the energetic centres.

There was also the feeling that something had changed, and that there are things that go beyond explanation. There was a lot of tension in the centre of my head and also at the occiput and I feel this is part of my process and the change is still happening. I feel there is something very big and very different within me and I can see that everyone is a Buddha. It’s a sensation of opening and I cannot say any more.

Rita: I felt very joyful and moved because of the tenderness of Mike. It was like the look of a child – very clean – very innocent and at the same time very open and wise. And I felt this session was a continuation of the one I had before when I was working with Joseph. I was aware that at some point I fell asleep and there was a sensation of heat and well being and the whole session had a very peaceful quality.

Julia: During the session I lay down and at the beginning I had the sensation of heat around my pelvis. Slowly my whole body relaxed except for one area around my neck where I felt some tenseness and resistance. Just as yesterday when Pedro put his hand on my neck, I felt that same resistance.

I was there watching the resistance and the thought that came to my mind in relation to this was fear. I observed the fear, it didn’t go away, it was not panic either and at the end of the session I felt more relaxed both psychologically and physically but I am still aware of the fear.

People have said one or two kind things as though somehow the teacher is somebody a bit different. He is not. It’s the teaching not the teacher. All you have to do is to bring into reality the teaching.

Marco: A couple of things happened. You guys know that I don’t feel Tides very clearly and I don’t see any light or feel any energy. But there was a moment when something happened like the sonic boom, and I asked myself what was that, and then I returned to my former state.

It was a strange and subtle experience of letting go without thinking “I am letting go.” There was just a process going on. The second important realisation was that, although I was activated, not only could I be with it but I was feeling OK and that was quite remarkable.

All these sensations are not very dramatic because nothing very dramatic happens to me. I wanted Mike to go on longer, to see if I could pick up more. Afterwards, when I looked at a couple of you and heard the feedback of some of you gave, emotions surfaced.

Everything skipped rapidly from this state of emotion, to, “I might lose my marbles”; to “it’s about time you had a breakdown”; to “this is not such a strong experience” – so all these different thought were there. I became aware there were people looking at me and these looks opened the door for me. They opened the door of emotion, and your look Mike was beautiful and I could surrender to that. I could allow the vulnerability, which as a man, and as Marco, I don’t allow myself. For me that was the best part of the session.

Mike: Thank you. I have often said that the purpose of this work is not what you do but where you come from when you do it. That is the ‘look’ – that is where you come from.

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2 thoughts on “Teaching May 2010: Synergy, or let the work do the work

  1. very, very beautiful. I felt moved by the beauty, and also envious because I want that experience so badly, of just being received – just for who I am, with no agenda. I feel a grasping arise, and an ache in my throat that I know so well, and that comes on when I feel an urge to be met with the honesty that you all seemed to be working from.
    And thankful for Marco’s response at not feeling anything particular in terms of energy etc, because sometimes we try to hide behind this mask of knowing – and you didn’t – and I felt such relief at your bare honesty.
    I have not met you Mike, and am curious whether these sessions are part of one of your retreats, or whether they are sessions with people that you know??
    Maybe what I really want to know is whether they are open to all, or to a closed group ……. or how does it work?
    Deirdre (Shillelagh, Ireland)

  2. Dear Deidre,
    Thank you for this lovely message.

    This was a verbatim transcript of a recent course, in Italy, as it happens. These notes were verbatim reactions/feedback from students who had been participating in a demonstration by myself of working with several people at once, in this case a dozen but particularly applicable in family groups where siblings and parents are part of a baby’s world view/sense of self.
    Your phrases… “of just being received – just for who I am,” touch on the essence of this work, which is about working with the health that underlies all pathology.
    My own teaching centre is in France, where I teach in English. I also teach in Italy, Spain and the USA, where appropriate with interpreters. Increasingly the first level courses, of which this was one, are open to all, as you put it. You might wish to see my course website, which is http://www.stillness.co.uk on that you will find some course details and also my home telephone number which you are very welcome to use for a chat. I live in England and commute to France..



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