Xmas 2011

Xmas 2011

I launched this blog back in September 2008. At the time I promised to write something every two months, or six times a year.

Much of the time I posted something every month and have received some very rewarding feedback from time to time.

In the last few months I have fallen somewhat behind in my self-imposed schedule but have, nevertheless, posted nine pieces, including two videos. I apologise for getting behind with my offerings which people had come to expect but moving my teaching centre, twice and finishing the book, The Empty Chair, the Teaching not the Tee-Shirt, have been exhausting. The book is now finished and should be released in May in English. It will go out in Spanish in January.
Two different publishers, two different ways of working. I am so grateful that not one single person has complained about my temporarily drying up.

Now that The Empty Chair is finished, I propose to somewhat change the format of this blog. It will continue, at least bi-monthly, perhaps more often but I am hoping to move towards a more inter-active phase whereby I will respond to questions: a format which I am happy with, on any subject in the broad field that engrosses me, the embodiment of Spirit. I do not propose to engage with “how to do” questions, others can do this much more effectively, but rather, share my own struggles with anyone who cares to open to theirs.

There will be no charge for joining this group from now on, you just have to register an interest and acquire a password that will give you access to this discussion, including the archive material. Present members will only need to re-register interest each anniversary of joining, without paying any money.
I intend to make the first posting in January, and look for a question, a statement will do.
We are almost at the end of 2011, I wish you great happiness over the holiday season and trust we can find a successful way forward, in all our activities, in optimism and trust, in 2012.

Do take the time to look at this Christmas message, it has nothing to do with religion and is certainly not still! I think it is funny. White Christmas with thanks to the composer…

Xmas 2011

Much love from Mike and Barbara

p.s. I stand by this short passage which was in a piece I posted in 2008, in the first blog…
The greatest awareness for me, teaching/facilitating this kind of work is that, in reality, there is nothing to teach! All that has to be done is to create the safe space in which what is already there can be revealed. I have come to totally believe (and experience) that reality is what is there, when we can abide in Stillness, in the present, without judgment. By judgment, in this case, I mean intellectualisation, examination, limitation and memory of the kind that depends on undigested experience.
If there is nothing to teach, then there can be nothing to learn; only become aware!

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  1. Looking forwards to the new format!
    much love for this coming year for you and barbara.
    p.s. what a great photo

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