The Empty Chair Teaching Foundation

The Empty Chair Teaching Foundation

Readers can comment on the current or archive pieces by e-mail at any time and resulting from these entries, I shall at the same time as I post a new entry, alter, and say that I have altered, the archive entry. I have to retain the editorship or there will be potential chaos with people editing each others’ work ad infinitum.

This website will be open to everyone until we get to the section where the group work is contained. This will be entered via a password, supplied in return for a modest annual subscription to join the “sangha.” I make no apology for this as, if the idea is to cut down on International travel and to continue teaching, then I have to get some sort of income from somewhere, for the substantial work that this website may create and to meet charitable ambitions which are explained in “The Empty Chair Teaching Foundation; What it is”, above.

In the “open” section that we are now in, you will find a sample piece from me, ” The Teaching Not The Teacher”, together with some comment it has generated. This is intended to show the style and form of what may be in the main body, as it continues to grow.

There will also be some minimum, biography and lineage of myself and what, how and where I teach.

The final page/s of the open section will give full details of how to subscribe and how to make your own contributions to making this a “living” document.

Once a subscription is made, you will be able to enter directly to the heart of the site without going through this introduction each time.

Throughout, you will notice, there are links, particularly in the index, facilitating access to the various sections.

Do please, enjoy the site, and if you do, introduce it or gift it to friends, students and colleagues, whatever field they may be in and where the place one comes from, is at least as important as what one is doing.

I look forward to this journey together.


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