A Poem from Jo Féat

A Poem from Jo Féat

We are shifting mirrors of identity
Aphrodite’s playthings; a synthesis of contradictions
Hands and arms link like a golden umbilical cord spiralling into the cathedral of my Heart

You play strange notes on my trembling spine as if re-discovering a long lost cherished piano; a glorious symphony in Silence

Tumbling child energy awakens forgotten cells and secret corridors of Remembrance

Held within your chaliced hands,

I pulsate to the red ocean surging under and through me

Sea-stained tears bleed out of this seething molten lava

The sweet scent of Recognition brings serenity and simplicity

I dive into the sea of Grace

Beyond all TidesAnd bask in the mystery of Reflection

The astonishing colour of Water

The healing Alchemy of Presence

Jo Féat.

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