A Poem from Sarajo Berman

A Poem from Sarajo Berman

Timeless time


A gaze of dense love passing

Offering the tone for the day

A rite of passage felt by all

For love, will, determination, courage,

These were the midline holding the dance together

The axis for coming into life

Leaving death to itself

Sweet bird like offerings of soft lips

Calm the breathing

Opening space filled with vitalization

Supported with gentle sips of fluids for moistening

Ebbs and flows alternately lapped the edges of the room

Returning to wait for a new direction of flow

Timeless time


The moment arrived




An answer to a mystery beamed brighter than the spotlight

Crowning of a fairy for all to see

Singing of an angel filled the room with delight

Breath stopped momentarily

Expanding inhale rejoicing permeating space

Sighs, tears, laughter


Timeless time


Days now opened and holding opportunities



Coming into relationship

Unknown sensing filling the space between them

All surrounded by a dynamic

A stillness in motion

Gentle quivers make way for openness

Unlimited possibilities

Oh, the joy of connecting

Nesting, rejoining what we know to be


Never to be the same again.

Sarajo Berman

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