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Starting from blame

I’ve named it and claimed

owned it as mine

and theirs as the same

Projection, transference,

it’s all part of the game.

Compassion and Love

I’ve meditated and prayed,

Conferred with, sought out,

pleaded, and paid

for guidance and insight,

Magic words from a Sage.

Mindfulness and presence,

is so hard at this stage.

The enemy, my mirror

it’s shadow is rage

Which this hapless fool

wants to engage?!

“I’m better than this”

I proudly proclaim.

I’m over it, moved on,

nothing remains…

Now if only this idiot

could just do the same!

It’s just like the last time,

and the time before that,

the resistance, the ego,

proves they’ll never change!

Their stuff and my stuff

it’s all the same vein,

and these difficult feelings

are just hard to tame.

If we can just sort them out

Determine what’s true,

Perhaps we’ll move forward,

Find something new,

But right now our reflection

is too painful to view,

Cause I don’t like the ways

I see me in you…

R. Nelson 2007

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