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  1. very, very beautiful. I felt moved by the beauty, and also envious because I want that experience so badly, of just being received – just for who I am, with no agenda. I feel a grasping arise, and an ache in my throat that I know so well, and that comes on when I feel an urge to be met with the honesty that you all seemed to be working from.
    And thankful for Marco’s response at not feeling anything particular in terms of energy etc, because sometimes we try to hide behind this mask of knowing – and you didn’t – and I felt such relief at your bare honesty.
    I have not met you Mike, and am curious whether these sessions are part of one of your retreats, or whether they are sessions with people that you know??
    Maybe what I really want to know is whether they are open to all, or to a closed group ……. or how does it work?
    Deirdre (Shillelagh, Ireland)

    Comment by Deirdre O Connor — June 10, 2010 @ 1:47 pm

  2. Dear Deidre,
    Thank you for this lovely message.

    This was a verbatim transcript of a recent course, in Italy, as it happens. These notes were verbatim reactions/feedback from students who had been participating in a demonstration by myself of working with several people at once, in this case a dozen but particularly applicable in family groups where siblings and parents are part of a baby’s world view/sense of self.
    Your phrases… “of just being received – just for who I am,” touch on the essence of this work, which is about working with the health that underlies all pathology.
    My own teaching centre is in France, where I teach in English. I also teach in Italy, Spain and the USA, where appropriate with interpreters. Increasingly the first level courses, of which this was one, are open to all, as you put it. You might wish to see my course website, which is on that you will find some course details and also my home telephone number which you are very welcome to use for a chat. I live in England and commute to France..



    Comment by Mike — June 10, 2010 @ 6:11 pm

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