Who I Really Am

Who I Really Am

No beginning, only Process.

The Spirit reincarnates.

Birth and Life

The meeting of the unfolding and the experience.

Layer upon layer of delusion.

I have become I and forgotten.

Yesterday was and tomorrow will be-or so it seems.

No now.

A tide there is,

An ocean then.

Beneath the waves,

There is only still.

The Mother.

Pure awareness,
And I remember who I am.

The Ocean stirs,

There is only process.

Mike Boxhall
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The Tide goes deep and deeper still.


I do not hold, it has gone on.


Here the pain. Not me to fix.


Ever deeper, where now the pain?


All doing done, who holds

who is held?


The void

Still in the Ocean,

the unformed stirs.

Dark meets light and incarnates.

You and I are we. It was ever thus.

Mike Boxhall