The Empty Chair Teaching Foundation – What it is

The Empty Chair Teaching Foundation – What it is

Aims and method:

The Foundation has two purposes:-

  1. is to share with readers an exploration, in jointly-created, online book form, of Spirituality, as it reveals in this present time, without direct alignment to any dogma.
  2. to raise funds specifically to facilitate meeting between Spiritual teachers and their students where money is a decisive obstacle.

Once people are attracted by the opening pages, they can subscribe to the website which gives them access to:

  • access to all posts including archives of all previous material.
  • a new substantial posting every two months.
  • further teachings of a less structured nature from Mike or submitted from elsewhere, which may be posted in the intervening months.
  • pdf files to print articles.
  • and the opportunity to respond, amplify, dispute or generally comment on, any of the above.

Any comment or advice on these proposals, from members, will be welcomed.

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